Our agency always offers the most discreet and reliable private investigations services available in our field and always strives to produce the best results for our clients.

Surveillance services Vancouver detective, undercover investigations


Surveillance is the most common form of private investigations and at Tower Investigative Group Inc., we do it right. In fact, we have conducted thousands of cases over the years and are known in Vancouver and in the industry as surveillance specialists. That’s because, along with our decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully conduct covert surveillance investigations. Our results speak for themselves!

Among many things, the most important factors in determining whether a surveillance investigation will be successful or not are:

  • having the required experience and know-how
  • utilizing appropriate vehicle(s)
  • having the necessary video and camera equipment
  • knowing beforehand the specific and general areas or geography where surveillance will be conducted
  • having the flexibility to be able to adjust on the fly (as situations change and present themselves), and, most importantly,
  • remaining covert and discreet throughout the entire investigation.

Tower Investigative Group Inc. understands the needs of our clientele and works closely with each and every one of them to come up with an appropriate surveillance strategy. Once we meet with our client and gather the necessary information on the subject, the surveillance investigation will begin. Tower Investigative Group Inc. always maintains close contact with our clients to discuss the pertinent events along the way and during the entire course of the investigation. After all, you’re our client and you need to know!

Background investigation services Vancouver detective, private detective Canada


Background investigations vary widely in scope and may include a long list of items. Generally speaking, an investigator will typically be retained to uncover information on an individual or a business. This information may include asset searches and some financial information, criminal, civil or any legal proceedings history, employment history and social media presence.

Tower Investigative Group Inc. has extensive experience in conducting background investigations for private individuals, law firms, insurance companies, corporations and industrial clientele.

What sets Tower Investigative Group Inc. apart is our knowledge and experience in knowing how and where to obtain the background information required as part of our private investigations.

Insurance and legal investigation Surveillance services Vancouver detective, insurance fraud investigator

Insurance & Legal

Tower Investigative Group Inc. specializes in providing a full range of investigative services to insurance companies and law firms. These services include (but are not limited to) surveillance, including on disability claims (individual or group), background checks, including determining if a subject has been involved in any legal proceedings, asset location, missing persons and locates, interviewing and statement taking.

With respect to insurance claims, our typical file starts at the claim level, during which we work with handling adjusters and examiners. During a typical surveillance investigation we may provide our expertise over a period of numerous months or even years. Video evidence is gathered and provided to the client along with a detailed written report once the assignment has been completed.

Our agency will typically build a relationship with a lawyer once an insurance claim has developed into a legal matter or once a Writ of Summons has been issued. Tower Investigative Group represents some of the top insurance litigators and insurance companies in Canada and our expertise may be relied upon in court.

Outside of insurance matters, Tower Investigative Group Inc. also works closely with many lawyers who specialize in other areas of expertise. Our agency may benefit these lawyers in the fields of gray marketing and parallel trading, asset tracking and location, background investigations, missing persons and locates and interviewing and statement taking.

Corporate and industrial investigation services Vancouver detective, private investigation firm

Corporate & Industrial

Tower Investigative Group Inc. provides a wide array of investigative services to corporate and industrial businesses.

In the case of our corporate clientele, Tower Investigative Group Inc. may assist you with full backgrounds (financial or otherwise) into future, current or past employees, provide our excellent surveillance service, or install electronic equipment in your offices.

For our clients who are involved in industry, our agency often assists by conducting surveillance on employees who are on insurance or compensation claims. We also are able to surveil your equipment or buildings to monitor theft.

Tower Investigative Group Inc. also works very closely with the legal counsel who represent our corporate and industrial clients, by supporting them with partnership and team work to achieve results.

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Spousal & Personal

Tower Investigative Group Inc. has conducted thousands of investigations resulting from spousal or domestic situations. A typical investigation occurs as a result of a spouse being suspicious of his or her partner’s activities and having mistrust, generally leading to a surveillance investigation. However, many of these situations lead to background investigations, where Tower Investigative Group Inc. delves deep into the past or present of an individual in order to obtain crucial information, which may be previously unknown and therefore, beneficial to the client. This information often includes financial and legal matters.

Domestic disputes involving children or other relatives also frequently arise and in these cases our agency is also there to help. These situations often happen when children are not being forthcoming with their parents or are associating with certain types of individuals. In some cases family members disappear or have a falling-out with family. Tower Investigative Group Inc. has extensive experience in these matters and has had great success in resolving many of them, including locating lost loved ones.

Regardless of the situation, our agency always first discusses the matter with our clients and exchanges pertinent information and then comes up with the best strategy to conduct a successful investigation.

Rates vary depending on requirements but always include an hourly and kilometre rate. Please call us anytime for a free rate quote.

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Missing Persons & Locates

Tower Investigative Group Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience in both of these areas. Often times, individuals either disappear or hide and many of these individuals will go to great lengths not to be found. With our determination, vital contacts and resources, Tower Investigative Group Inc. has had great success in locating many people in various parts of Canada and the rest of the world.

Our years of experience and relationships with significant sources allows us to utilize all tools at our disposal to assist our clients.

You have to know how and where to look for individuals. It’s a specialized field and Tower Investigative Group Inc. is a leader in this area.

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