Surveillance is the most common form of private investigation and at Tower Investigative Group Inc. we do it right.  In fact, we are known in the industry as a surveillance specialist.  That’s because we have the years of experience and knowledge necessary to successfully conduct a covert surveillance investigation.

Among many things, the most important factors in determining whether a surveillance investigation will be successful or not is, (a) having the required experience and know-how, (b) owning appropriate vehicle(s) and (c) having the necessary video and camera equipment.  Other critical factors leading to a successful investigation include knowing beforehand the specific and general areas or geography in which the surveillance will be occurring, having the flexibility to be able to adjust on the fly (as situations change and present themselves) and most importantly, remaining covert and discreet through the entire investigation.    

Tower Investigative Group Inc. understands the needs of our clientele and works closely with each and every one of them to come up with an appropriate surveillance strategy.  Once we meet with our client and gather the necessary information on the subject, the surveillance investigation will begin.  Tower Investigative Group Inc. always maintains close contact with our clients to discuss the pertinent events along the way and during the entire course of our surveillance investigation.  After all, you’re our client and you need to know!

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