Spousal & Personal Investigative Services

Tower Investigative Group Inc. has conducted hundreds of investigations resulting from spousal or domestic situations.  The typical investigation occurs as a result of a spouse being suspicious of his or her partner’s activities and having mistrust, generally leading to a surveillance investigation.  However, many of these situations lead to background investigations, where Tower Investigative Group Inc. delves deep into the past or present of an individual in order to obtain information which may be unknown and therefore, beneficial, to the client.  This information may be of a financial, criminal or employment nature.

Domestic disputes involving children or other relatives or friends also frequently arise and in these cases our agency is also there to help.  These situations often arise as a result of children being dishonest with their parents or associating with various types of individuals.  In some cases family members disappear or have a falling-out with family.  Tower Investigative Group Inc. has extensive experience in these matters and has had great success in resolving these matters.

Regardless of the situation, our agency always first meets with the client to discuss the matter and exchange the pertinent information and then come up with a solid strategy to conduct a successful investigation.

Rates vary depending on requirements but always include an hourly and kilometer rate. Please call us anytime for a free rate quote.

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