Insurance & Legal Investigation

Tower Investigative Group Inc. specializes in providing a full range of investigative services to insurance companies and law firms.  These services include (but are not limited to) surveillance, background checks including determining if a subject has been involved in any legal proceedings, asset location, missing persons and locates, interviewing and statement taking.

With respect to insurance claims, our typical file starts at the claim level, during which we work closely together with handling adjusters and examiners.  During a typical surveillance investigation we will offer our expertise over a period of numerous months or even years.  Video evidence is gathered and provided to the client along with a detailed written report.

Our agency will typically build a relationship with a lawyer once an insurance claim has developed into a legal matter or once a Writ of Summons has been dropped.  Tower Investigative Group Inc. works very closely with some of the top insurance litigators in Canada and our expertise may be relied upon right up to and including once the matter reaches the court level.

Outside of insurance matters Tower Investigative Group Inc. also works closely with many lawyers who specialize in other areas of expertise.  Our agency may benefit these lawyers in the fields of gray marketing and parallel trading, asset tracking and location, background investigations, missing persons and locates and interviewing and statement taking.

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