Corporate & Industrial Investigative Services

Tower Investigative Group Inc. specifically caters to the needs of all corporate and industrial-related businesses.  Whether you are located on Howe Street or an industrial park, we have the experience and skills to offer a full range of services.

In the case of our corporate clientele, Tower Investigative Group Inc. may assist you with full backgrounds (financial or otherwise) into future, current or past employees, provide our excellent surveillance service, or install electronic equipment in your offices.

For our clients who are involved in industry, our agency often assists by conducting surveillance on employees who are on insurance or compensation claims.  We also are able to surveill your shipments of products and goods to make sure they arrive at the required destination on time and without any hinderance.

Tower Investigative Group Inc. also works very closely with the legal counsel that represent our corporate and industrial clients, with the goal in mind of supporting those clients with partnership and team work to achieve results.

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